Worship Service Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to see Lives Made New and Love Made Visible!

This is one of the reasons that at Rushwood, we strive to be an outwardly-focused church. We want to invest in people, invite them to church, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

To that end, we will have special events that go outside of the ordinary that give our people an extra motivation to invite their friends, family, and neighbors to our services. We seek to engage our culture, not run from it, to reach the world, not abandon it.

In our musical worship, we have an appreciation for the stream of song and worship in which our predecessors in the faith stood, and we also have an awareness that God is not finished inspiring his people to worship Him in new and inspiring ways as well.

We do not only want to see God’s kingdom grow in number, however, we want to see Christians grow in faith and in maturity. We long to present everyone fully-mature in Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:28).

We believe that people grow best in community. That is why we offer Life Groups—small groups designed to help everyone grow together and in Christ—and other opportunities for our church family members to progress in their Christian walk.

Lastly, if we are to reach the world, and grow in Christ, God’s love will compel us to serve Him, each other, and the world around us. We want to put hands and feet to the heart of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.


God has given us a vision of a church with Jesus Christ as its leader, its center, and its Lord; a church that praises the Father for the gift of His Son, in the power of the Spirit.

A church that is truly a house of worship. Where prayer is priority, praise is paramount and worship is more than a service or song. A church with a burning desire to know God’s word and to live it out.

A church unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; one that shouts God’s word from the rooftops, and whispers grace in the ear of a world in need. Where love is real, and everyone is invited to experience it.

A church for all people, where racial differences fade in the light of brotherhood; where the rich worship beside the poor; where the aged join hands with the young; where the skeptic finds reason to believe, and the believer finds reason to rejoice.

A church where families grow strong; where couples find each other and fulness of life in Christ; where children are treated as blessings, not bothers; where youth are discipled in a manner befitting future kingdom leaders; where marriages are mended, and victims of broken homes find a forever-family; where long-time Christians find brand new purpose.

A church that stands up for the cast down; whose mission takes it outside the four walls of comfort, taking Jesus to its community, its region, the darkest corners, and the ends of the earth.

A church that communicates the old, old story, in bold, creative ways. Where spiritual gifts are engaged, and buried talents are employed in the King’s service; where the Body of Christ is made visible.

We have a vision of a church in this world, that reaches the lost, grows in faith, and serves God and others together; a beautiful foreshadowing of the eternal, redeemed community who will live forever with Christ and each other in the world to come.

We have a vision of a church. We can see it. Question is: do you see it, too?